Almost a Walker, Something like a Scooter...

Is your baby a scooter? Mine was!

I think scooting is the cutest thing ever! But when speaking to my Early Intervention Physical Therapist, the pressure was on to have MJ not only stop scooting but to also meet the walking milestone. Even though I didn't completely agree with pushing her to walk, I did want to see MJ crawling and using those core muscles.  During our bonding time, I created a little exercise to motivate her and get her going. Mj’s most favorite thing is a mirror. So, I placed her mirror on the other end of the room prompting her to move; because she always rushes to see her reflections, it's pretty cute actually. I immediately encouraged her to walk with me standing behind her holding her hands over her head, for extra support and encouragement. I did this because honestly it’s easier to do than to force her to crawl. In the beginning, she was plopping down frequently but over a few days she started falling forward and catching herself with her hands. Once she started catching herself with her hands, I would manipulate her body so that it's almost in a downward dog position and help her balance herself, sort of like a dysfunctional plank. Over time there was not much I had to do, she started to army crawl and has now perfected her regular crawl, she’s even doing some assisted walking, On the days I didn't want to be in a weird bent over position  (my back is always killing me) I used walking aids, but they aren't as effective as the hand holding and downward dog practice.


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