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Hello There Rockers and Rockettes, 

Thanks for visiting, I am dropping in to say hello and welcome to the GTUBE ROCKERS store :)

There is new inventory on its way as I type this note. Please stay tuned!

GTUBE ROCKERS is not just a site for masks. I put a lot of time into carefully selecting very cool things for my mom-unity and the nurs-unity. (Yes, I think I just made those words up). 

I figured as a way to help bond with my visitors, I would share a story that is important to my journey with you guys.

Please feel free to reach out and share your stories by using the "KEEP IN TOUCH" tab on the home page.

Here I go:

Over the course of like a month long stay at Hackensack Medical University's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, we were finally cleared for Miracles G Tube Surgery. We were not cleared for a month because MJ (Miracle's nick name) had been silently aspirating all of her feeds for the past 7 months and had developed pneumonia in addition to RSV a less popular strain of corona virus. This surgery would define my new life.

Finally on June 1, 2019 after nearly 3 weeks in PICU and a month at the hospital, my baby is fixed up and I am able to bring her home; with the understanding that there would be weekly check ins with at least 4 doctors, in addition to her regular appointments like physical therapy etc. I thought no big deal.

Since Mj was eating for nearly 20 hours of the day, I had to feed her while traveling and that's where the challenges began. What a night mare, the weather was changing and temperature was starting to drop. It became a challenge to keep my baby bundled up and still have access to the gtube site. I have popped mickey button out, I have missed feeds, gotten weird looks from strangers in public all while trying to get a simple feed in my baby's belly. I thought to myself there has to be a better way. I wondered, how do other parents travel with gtubes? And that is where the idea to launch GTUBE ROCKERS was born; this was the day our journal began.

There are so many brighter days ahead of us. 

Rock on Rockers!







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