Let's Eat!


Since my daughter can now eat a few things orally, I try to make sure that every time she is eating through her mouth, that I am eating with her. When you have a baby with a G-tube, you typically don’t eat food through your mouth in front of them because they may start to drool and crave the food that you’re eating. Their oral cavity has been neglected for so long that anytime they see you putting anything in your mouth like drinks and food (even chewing and blowing bubblegum in front of them) can make them fussy. So, because of that I made eating a priority by incorporating it with her when she is also eating. When she is not eating, I stick with shakes. Especially when she was G-tube fed all the time, I basically lived through Ensure and other protein shakes. That way I could get my meal in quickly instead of having to cook and prepare food, which smells up the house making everyone think there’s food coming and then the baby can’t eat it. So, I literally lived off shakes when she was 100% G-tube fed.

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