My Fav Affirmation:

I trust my intuition and I always make wise decisions.”

The reason I like that affirmation is because we are always second guessing ourselves. Having a G-tube baby or a baby with Down Syndrome is a new experience for most parents. You may find that you’re asking yourself, “Do I trust the doctors? Do I trust every article I read on WebMD? How much of this information should I take away and apply?” It’s always something. Everything from using the right diaper rash ointment to wondering if my baby can take Tylenol, are just a few examples of when I questioned myself. These are all things that we second guess ourselves with—even right down to the shoes we buy our kids so they can learn how to walk. In conclusion, I really like that affirmation because it inspires me to trust my intuition and I want to encourage parents that you’re not alone. I’ve made plenty of mistakes before and my daughter is still here and I’m still here, and I’m still learning and sharing my experiences with you all along the way.

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