My last day of pregnancy, my first day in a new world!

"When the doctors defined Down Syndrome was I was completely overwhelmed. 😱⁠

This feeling lasted for months - more like the entire pregnancy. I remember stressing over everything, reading everything I could on special needs - from education to health care to diets to blood types lol. I was just trying to figure this all out. ⁠

On 9/25/2018; Induction Day, my hospital bag was ready. It had been ready for weeks now. But somehow, here I was again feeling lost, unprepared and unsure about what to expect. I had never been induced before, I heard it was a much harder delivery, was everyone right? ⁠

Everything in between that last thought and the minute I saw MJ for the first time is a blur. But one thing I remember was feeling the same exact feeling I felt when my son was born 17 years earlier. I was 19 years old then with no experience. It was at that moment that I realized I was experienced at feeling inexperienced and it all worked out for my son so my daughter would do just as well. ⁠

And just like that, we were being wheeled to our room, MJ stayed her first night of life right by my side. She didn't need to go to NICU or need oxygen. I didn't know the bumpy road we had ahead of us, but I thank god for allowing me to feel that feeling - its like a breathe of fresh air for me because I could truly understand what that night means to so many mommas out there .

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