Sleep Training? Nah!

I want to talk about how I got my daughter to sleep all night. So, a lot of people pay for others to teach their child how to sleep, it’s called “sleep training”. I don’t believe in sleep training—I believe that children just need to be fed and held, and then they will go to sleep. As long as they’re not sick, cranky or overactive (like my child, MJ), but at 8pm I do give my child a really heavy meal (generally with dessert, crackers, etc.) After that, I do a little bedtime routine, so she knows that it’s bedtime. It consists of changing her G-tube pad, wiping her down, cleaning her hands thoroughly, moisturizing her with lotion, and brushing her hair. After that, we get her jammies on, watch one cartoon episode, and lastly shut all the lights off—and now my daughter knows it’s time for bed.  After just one week of consistently doing this bedtime routine, I helped her reach her milestone for bed. I made sure that she understood that there was a routine so that she always knew bedtime was coming (it’s the same routine we do every night before bed.) I’m made sure that she was fed so that she doesn’t wake up overnight because now that she’s not on a G-tube anymore, I’m not feeding her overnight. Now I have to give her oral feeds and make sure that she’s full so she’s not cranky.

Once she’s nice and calm, and we’ve had our bonding time (our bedtime routine always contains tender and sweet moments between her and I), and she’s fed it's time to hold her. I literally put her in my arms, right against my chest and rock her back and forth while playing with her hair. After doing this her night time sleeping improved dramatically, she will be knocked out for 10 hours! It really works. Of course, there will be moments in the middle of the night that I may need to check her G-tube to make sure there’s not water inside to flush out—but that’s it. On the other hand, getting her to nap during the day is a different story, but at least for night time I can say it definitely works!


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