Standing Up to Doctors....

It's hard to go against a doctor sometimes when it comes to my baby. I want to trust my doctors because they are the experts, right? But in my opinion, sometimes they aren't. Doctors don't have that “Mom’s Intuition”. As a mom, I learned how to rely on my gut feeling more and more because many doctors don’t have that much faith in little ones who have that extra chromosome of love, like my baby MJ. 

When MJ had pneumonia for the second time, I was worried about the doctor's knowledge on kiddos who are aspirating food into their lungs. I had to convince the doctors to do an x-ray on her lungs because the doctor didn’t want to do it. Their reasoning was because they wanted to “minimize her exposure to radiation”. However, the x-ray uncovered so much fluid in her lungs that she was basically drowning on her milk every second of the day. If I hadn't trusted my “Mom’s Intuition,” MJ would have had some serious complications, especially in a home setting with a mom with no experience on issues with feeding.

My goal was to get MJ eating again ASAP because as soon as I was admitted, my food supply was taken by the nurse to measure her intake. This meant I was no longer able to control when my baby ate. I was told since she was not eating safely, that we would have to immediately stop oral feeding, and place an IV to make sure MJ got her fluids. I was beyond mortified. An NG tube was tried, but MJ kept tugging on it eventually yanking it out, which meant we would have to have yet another x-ray to make sure the NG tube is in the proper place. So, instead of forcing an NG tube on my baby (even though she kept pulling it out and yes the doctors were pretty adamant that this was the best route) I knew we didn't have time to waste. MJ would never be comfortable enough to complete an entire feed through the NG Tube multiple times a day. I wouldn't have known that MJ even needed a G-tube if it weren't for that second round of pneumonia. I wouldn't have known to push for the G Tube had it not been for how well I know my daughter, my daughter doesn't like to be even a little bit hungry.  

If you feel even the smallest amount of discomfort or overwhelmed by what the doctor is suggesting, then do some research on your own. Feel free to drop me a message also. One thing I always ask myself, “Does the risk outweigh the benefit?” Try to keep that in mind when dealing with medical professionals. 

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