It’s very cool what I do, and I never take it for granted. Actually, some days I am overwhelmed with emotion because my new life seems so unreal.

Being able to find solutions for life's curve balls is the best part of what I do, along with having quality bonding time with my baby. I would never have this time if I were still working a 9a-5p. THANK YOU COVID!

Ultimately, I am learning and handpicking items that I think would best help make life easier when feeding your gtube baby or helping babies reach “common milestones”.

I am putting something together that is cohesive and has a theme, is relevant and sellable in the market today. I feel like I can help other mommas like me everywhere.

So much of what I learned while my daughter, Miracle was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, I carry with me on a day to day basis. I picked up communication skills; ie: how to talk to doctors so they can hear what you are saying, how to reason with specialists but also, I learned how to open up and bond with other parents in the same struggle as me. I learned not to carry it alone.

When I was released from the hospital 20 something days later (I lost count), I was released with tons of equipment prescriptions (which would later be delivered), too many follow up appointments to keep track of and ideas that kept me up at night. I was terrified; what if my baby choked on her oxygen or choked on her reflux while sleeping? What if she pulled out her gtube? I had to find an easier way to feed my baby, especially while traveling to these doctors’ appointments. 

I searched the internet for days and couldn’t find one site that had more than one thing on my list of recommended purchases. I joined virtual groups and saw a ton of independent businesses and thought, what would happen if we all came together?

At the end of the day we are so lucky to have babies with special needs. It has helped me find a sense of belonging. I know my purpose. I know now that I am destined to help my child and other families overcome the limits society has sent on kiddos who have abilities and are "disabled".

Check out my website and see if there is anything there to help you on your journey. Also, feel free to comment on what you think is missing!