BreastFeeding Nipple Protector
Silicone Breastfeeding Nipple
Baby's Breastfeeding Nipple Protector
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Breastfeeding Nipple Protector

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Moms sacrifice their bodies to share life with their newborn. During this time, self care is so hard to keep up with. It’s all about simple effective  ways to make things less painful and more comfortable. 

The second skin nipple protector provides an extra layer of protection your nipples need for those extra tender days. 


Perfect for: 

👩🏻‍🍼 When the nipple is flat or sunken making it difficult to breastfeed

👩🏻‍🍼When you have a nipple wound and feel pain during breastfeeding  

👩🏻‍🍼When the baby finds it difficult to suckle

👩🏻‍🍼When the baby is in the long tooth period



✅ Made of food grade soft silicone material; that is BPA, BPS, latex, phthalate, lead, and worry free.

✅ Transparent color

✅ Super soft, lightweight and full of toughness.

✅ Pacifier Design: Petal style makes it lighter and easier for mom to hold in place, which features bite and break prevention

✅ Spiral Mechanical Design: Makes it difficult for the nipple to sink when feeding the baby. Mimics the rhythm of natural sucking, making it easier for infants who have difficulty locking and prevents the baby from biting the nipple.

Comes in a single pack with a plastic carry case

✅ Size: approx. 3.74*1.77in


⛔️ Rinse with hot water before use.

⛔️ Do not boil in water to prevent changes in shape and taste.

⛔️ Replace immediately if bitten, cracked or enlarged after long term use.


How to use:

👍 Wipe the nipple and areola with a wet towel before use.

👍 Cover the breast with your protective cover and then breastfeed.

👍 Sterilize after each use or wash with warm soapy water to keep germ free.

👍 Convenient Storage: Our nipple shield protects sensitive nipples during breastfeeding. It comes with a protective case for hygiene and convenient storage.

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Mervin Bogisich

Second Skin Nipple Protection Cover for Breast Feeding