Watch with thermometer
thermometer watch for kids
Kids Thermometer watch
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Thermometer Watch for Children

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When your baby is sick, you want to know what their body temperature is every second, especially at night when body temperature naturally rises and a fever can easily spike during sleep.



🌡 No more staying up all night checking temperatures. This means less worry and better sleep.

🌡 The wireless thermometer smart fever alarm beeps immediately upon detecting a body temperature higher than 38°C / 100°F plus blinking LED indication at 39°C / 102°F, you’ll be alerted even while you’re sleeping.

🌡 24 Hour Continuous Tracking: Round-the-clock monitoring with a 24hr battery life; includes notifications for low battery, disconnection, and device falling off your baby.

🌡 View temperatures clearly on the backlit large display for good, comfy nursery at night.

🌡 Portable & Easy to Use: Simply put the watch on your baby's wrist and check body temperature readings.  

🌡 iPhone compatible making it a smart thermometer.

🌡 Wrist strap - 8 1/2 inches long

🌡 Package includes: Body Temperature Bracelet, Manual, Back up battery and extension strap.